Sunday, October 13, 2013

Organizing Journeys and Some Candy Fun!

Hello and happy Sunday! Am I the only one having trouble finding time to post lately? This school year is kicking my butt! Maybe it's partially due to me not being as young as I used to be! 
Anywho, today I decided to share how I am organizing my Journey's materials in case any of you are trying to figure out how to do the same. I don't know about you, but I was a tad overwhelmed with the amount of items that came with this program! I was getting really tired of going from box to box gathering all the items I needed for the week, so I had the school book keeper order some handy, dandy little pockets to hold all of the small items for each unit! I love these little pockets and they worked perfectly for what I needed. You could easily do this with file folders or pocket folders but I got a super deal on these. Our school gets an incredible discount on certain items from Office Depot and they deliver the next day so it's a win win! These were normally around $12 for 10, but she was able to get them for under $3 for 10!!! So, I got 40 of them....10 more than I needed, for about the price of 10. Can I get a Woo! Hoo! :)
Here is the link, but they have gone up on the price since I ordered mine a month ago. 

Here is what they look like all stuffed...sorry I forgot to take a picture of them before I stuffed them.

The focus wall poster does a nice job telling me which week is contained in the envelope!

Here is a picture of one with just the small sight word cards in the pockets in the back. There are two CD pockets that come in handy to hold these small items.

Here are some of the items I have in the pockets. The retelling cards, vocab cards, & daily snapshot cards.

Also, the focus wall poster, the read aloud books and the leveled reader lessons.

I think all but a couple of the read alouds fit in the pockets. There are two for each story. There were a couple that were too big so I just left them  in the big book boxes with the big books.

Here are the leveled reader lessons....these come in handy for small groups!

After I got all the envelopes stuffed, I decided to store them in the big book boxes and they fit perfectly.

Here they are all stuffed in the big book boxes. I have everything in these boxes except the leveled readers and all the teacher's manuals and resource books. I keep them all stacked and just move the top box to the bottom of the stack when I complete that unit....I am just beginning unit 2. I love these big boxes...they are so handy!

So...that's my organization tip for Journey's! The next couple of photos are just a couple of fun things! The other day I was in the Dollar Tree and found this box of candy called Box of Boogers. Totally gross I know, but I just knew my kinders would love it if they could have a candy booger to eat after listening to the poem Booger Love from the book Giant Children. It is hilarious and the kiddos always love it...:)

And...we had fun making our corny little candy corns to hang in the room the other day. They turned out super cute....:) Wishing now we had used torn paper instead of just coloring them. Oh well....there's always next year. I am still getting adjusted to being back in primary and sometimes just forget!

They are a fun addition to our room...:)

I have been having a lovely weekend visiting my daughter in Tallahassee this weekend and have found lots of goodies for my classroom that I will share soon! I could totally get used to living in the city..even though my heart belongs in the country where I live now. I love the convenience of being so close to everything....good restaurants, shopping church, etc. I love it! I could get really spoiled...:) for now! Have a blessed week everyone! I have a four day week followed by a four day weekend!!! So excited....:)
Until next time.....



  1. Ewww....on the box of boogers, but I KNOW the kids loved it. Glad you had a great time in Tally! I love going shopping there. Shoe Station, TJ Maxx, Stein Mart, Hobby Lobby, Home Goods, Fresh fun!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. oh my I definitely got to try some of your organizing tips! my goodness, lord knows I need to get organized!
    haha thank you so much for sharing this! thank you thank you!
    I'm definitely following your blog now, can't wait to be back again soon!
    have a wonderful day!
    and a wonderful weekend!

    much love,

    p.s. feel free to check out my blog too if you'd like! I'll leave a link below! ;)

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  3. Love your organized unit lessons! I know this has made your life easier! I homeschool and I know how important staying organized can be. I love love the candy corn banner! I personally could eat pounds of it! I'm ready for fall, candy corn and pumpkin spice lattes! I heard they will arrive at Starbucks on Monday ... I'll stick to international delight though ... don't tell but
    I think SB is overrated! I enjoyed visiting with you... being with children ALL day makes me chatty ;-)

  4. Amazing how being organized can do wonders. It makes you think clearer, does it not? You know one of my dreams is to work with young minds, be with kids. I know it's not always fun but it's worth it.


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  6. Great tips and photos indeed, greetings!

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