Monday, November 12, 2012

Catching Up!

WoW! It's been a while since I last posted! Life has been pretty hectic around here lately! I will share a few random pictures of what has been going on...:) 

First are a few homecoming pictures. My sweet son was nominated for Homecoming King....he  didn't win, but it was nice to see him all dressed up and looking so handsome! Here are a couple pics from the homecoming festivities! The pix where he is all dressed up are from the Bear Growl, the others are from the parade the next day and the game. This was his last game and it was a pretty emotional night....:( We won the game, but he is such a football lover and he is so sad that his career has ended. Honestly, I am too! Not much I like better than Friday Night Lights watching my son play football! 


My Dakota and some of his best friends....this picture was taken before the tears started flowing!

Next up, we've been having lots of fun in science class lately! Physical science has lots of fun experiments and things the kiddos can do. We have made density towers, learned about matter and mass, had fun with sinking and floating, learned what dissolves and what does not, and many other things. They are loving it! they can't wait to see what fun I have planned for them each day! It is a lot of work setting up for some of these experiments and demonstrations though and even more time cleaning up after we're done! It's worth it though....hands-on learning is key in science! 

Last up is a picture of a great deal I got while out thrift shopping Saturday morning! I love, love, love treasure hunting at yard sales, thrift stores, and consignment shops and haven't had much time to do it since school started. My sweet hubby humored me though and we spent Saturday morning out and about! I found several great a beautiful Waverly tablecloth for $1 and 4 Better Homes & Gardens place mats for $1! I also found a gorgeous apothecary jar for $1 and this beautiful Coldwater Creek handbag for $3.49! It is like brand new! I love a good deal!

And lastly, I am sharing a project I am in the middle of...:) My dear sister picked this beauty up for me for a mere $1! She said it screamed Vicky and she knew I would have to have it! I am turning it into a mirror and will post a picture when I finish it! What do you think so far? 

Before far!

Well, I hope everyone has a great week! I have a busy one with Powder Puff practice...oh the joys of being a class sponsor! Seriously though, I am loving it! I have been sick since Saturday evening though and am not sure if I will be making it in to work tomorrow or not! I am so looking forward to next week though! We get a whole week off for Thanksgiving! Woo! Hoo! 
That's something to be extremely thankful for!!!

Be Blessed, 

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