Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Classroom Transformation.....Day 2!, this is how I feel this evening! 
I am bone tired.....but, my classroom is approximately 90% complete! Can I get a Woo! Hoo! 
I am really pleased with how it is looking....bright and cheerful but not too busy! All I have left to do is get some things laminated and put up and finish sorting some science supplies. I inherited a ton of "stuff" that needed to be sorted out and organized. I am not complaining though....most of it was brand new! I can't think of any science supplies that I am in need of! So, here's the tour! I will update next week when I get it completely done, but I couldn't wait to show you the progress so far...:)

This first one shows the valance I sewed myself and also a bookshelf that I still need to add books to. They are all science related nonfiction books. I ran out of room in the truck this morning so they will have to go Monday! 

Next up is my Stellar Scientists board. I still need to put the clothespins on the scrapbook paper. I will clip up some student work here. I have three blocks, so I thought I would pick 4 students each week and showcase one of their papers. I made the letters using MS Word!

Here is one of my walls of cabinets. I still need to make supply labels to put on the doors, but I'm still putting supplies away and am waiting until that job is done before I make labels! Hanging above the cabinets are two circular fans which are turned where you can't see them. On the counter are various student supplies and their Interactive Notebook bins. 

Next up is my Young Einsteins board. I will only put tests or quizzes on this board and they have to be 100%. I found this idea somewhere in blog land and can't remember where! I think it turned out really cute!

Here is a close-up of the letters. I made them in MS Word by using word art and inserting various science related pictures in the letters. I used a variety....cells, animals, DNA, etc. I also included a couple pics of the one with his tongue out!

Here is my little area of the room. I made the table skirt to match the valance and you can see my recovered desk chair behind it too! It is in the back of the classroom and I really won't use this much when the students are in class. I will however use it a lot in the mornings and afternoons to grade papers, prepare lessons, etc, I just realized you can see my pile of red stuff on the left I still need to take home. This was from my high school room!

Close-up of the top of my desk. See my new Florida State lanyard...yeah, I'm a proud mama! You can see my Teacher Keeper (notebook) there too!

This is a view of the side table....I still need to organize the things in the shelves and drawers. 

Here's the wall behind my desk It includes things and people I love! I bought the cute LOL, GTG, OMG, and XOXO stickers at the Dollar Tree. I loved the colors and just couldn't pass them up! You can see my teacher toolbox in this picture too. See the picture of me under the tree picture? Have you ever heard of Nick Collins? He played for the Green Bay Packers. Well, Nick is from my town....and went to my school! His daughter attends there too. Well, I got to meet Nick when I was Teacher of the Year at my old school. He was the guest speaker at the luncheon they had to honor us....:) I just had to get my picture with him! He has done wonderful things for our schools!

Anywho....sorry I got off topic! Here is another shot of the Stellar Scientist board and what will be my Sweet Rewards board. I still need to create and then laminate the header for it. I have 3 blocks, thus the 3 trays! I found these at the Dollar General for $2 each and thought they looked better than a cookie sheet since I am using decorated cupcakes to put on them. I'll just stick them on with a piece of tape on the back. The table underneath is not staying there. I am moving it to a front corner of the room when I finish going through all those boxes of supplies! The table will house the turn-in baskets for the 3 blocks, highlighters, and pencils.

This lateral file cabinet will be where Teddy Turtle's tank will sit. Teddy is my 7 year old red-eared slider. He is still at home, but I'll be taking him to school next week! To the left is a small table which holds my task card cabinet and a tub of clipboards underneath. 

Here are table caddies and trash cans for each group. They still need labels!

Here is the front of the room. See my cute bunting! I am making a couple more to hang in other areas of the room! The blue and green pocket charts will hold the bell schedule and the classroom block schedule. Above them are frames for my objective and for the Big Idea. The table holds my Elmo, projector, and printer. The little containers will hold clothespins with student names for each block and the fourth container will hold brain break sticks!

Here is the We Do.... banner I made on Vista Print. I am going to have the students write their names in bubble letters on the back of my old business cards, color and decorate them to put around the banner.

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Whew! That was a loooong post! Before I go, I wanted to show you a picture of my handsome Dakota and a couple of his football buddies! Dakota is in red....:) 
This was taken at football camp last night after supper. 
That was his last football camp...I can't believe my baby is a senior!!!

Adrian, Buddy, & Dakota
This is me in just a bit....:)

Be Blessed!


  1. WOW you have been busy! Everything looks great! Love the colors. I wish my room was as close to done as yours is. I really need to get busy too:)

    I’m having a giveaway! I’d love for you to enter:)
    The Busy Busy Hive

  2. Wow Vicky, it looks fabulous!!! I love the bright colors and everything you designed!

  3. I LOVE YOUR ROOM!! I knew it was going to be awesome!! The colors look great together. BRAVO! Your students are going to love their room! Hard work always pays off in the end.
    Ms. Jones’ Junction

  4. It looks awesome! I named my class reward "Sweet Rewards" as well, and I thought it was just so original. Haha I am using cupcakes in one class and the regular "Brownie Points" in the other.

    LOVE your chair and desk. I wish I could sew!


  5. Thanks so much! Heather....I'm buzzing over now to enter your giveaway! You all be sure to visit tomorrow.....I'm putting my 100 follower giveaway on! :)

    Keep Calm & Imagine

  6. I love those ideas!!! Your room looks so cute! I can't wait to get mine all finished. It won't be near as cute as yours though!

    Mommy, Teacher, & So Much More

  7. I love your classroom. Can't wait to see the finished project!


  8. Thanks for linking up to my back to school bulletin board linky party! Your room is adorable and I LOVE your young Einstein board! I am your newest follower.
    Bright Concepts 4 Teachers

  9. Hey! Thanks for dropping by the owlroom! I knew when I came on over here, there'd be LOTS to see and I was right. Everything looks really good, Vicky. I love your curtains. I can't wait for you to see mine, because yours were my inspiration.

    Hope you had a restful night's sleep. I can't get in my room until next Tuesday. There's so much left to do...

    Visit me anytime...I'm posting my new buckets seats and owl hall passes today sometime.


    P.S. I grabbed your button! ;)

  10. Ugh! I am soooo envious!!! I am MAYBE 5% done. It looks great, but then again, your room always looks great!!!!

  11. Wow your room is so bright and cheerful! Love your black/white chevron chair. :)

  12. Thanks ladies! Susan....I can't wait to see your curtains! Dee....your room is always fabulous too! Can't wait to see the finished product! Jen....I just recovered my old desk chair! I love how it turned out...:)


  13. I LOVE all the chevron in your classroom, especially your desk area and that VERY cute banner over your white board! What cute ideas! :) I'm a new blogger and follower so I'm loving all your ideas!

    Sensational Seconds

  14. Your room is super cute!! I LOVE, LOVE your chevron chair. Did you make that yourself? I am dying to do something to my yucky desk just inspired me! I ♥ all things chevron!


  15. Vicky,
    I LOVE your chair! Where did you find it? Or, please tell me that you covered it and made it a repurpose?! Your stuff always looks amazing! Great job!

  16. Thanks Kim & Alyssa....I've been super busy with my daughter's graduation and am just reading your comments! I've been out of town for 3 days now and haven't had much spare time to check my blog! I did recover the chair myself. You can see a simple tutorial under the It's Just Another....Monday Made It in the archive under August. Thanks for the sweet compliments...I do love it!


  17. Wow, your room looks amazing! I love the bright colors, and I am in LOVE with your desk chair! Did you recover it in that fabric?? AMAZING!

    Teach On.


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