Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday Made It, Really Want It, & Gotta Win It!

My Monday Made It for today isn't too exciting, but I like how they turned out, so I'm sharing! I found the ideas while searching for something on google. They are posters for my classroom. Since I have 3 blocks, I just made them and am going to hang them after they're finished. We talked about non-fiction text features last week, so I made this poster to keep up in the room as a reminder. I still have to make copies of the various features to glue on the poster. The other poster is titled....What is a Scientist? A scientist is someone who.......I will have the kids brainstorm about scientists during each block and add the words they come up with and then it will hang in my room. That's all I have for this week....I can't wait to see what you made! Be sure to hop on over and link up with Tara at 4th Grade Frolics and share what you made! I had to go get some blood drawn after work today and my nephew had a dentist appointment so I just rode with him and my sister. I was absolutely awed by the beautiful salt water aquarium in his dentist's office. It was the most beautiful one I have ever seen! The colors of the fish and the corals and they way they sway gently back and forth in the soothing! I could watch it for hours! If they weren't so costly to build and maintain, I would have to have one! Maybe when I retire one day....:) Here are a couple of pictures I took!

And now.....drum roll, please! I am thrilled to announce my blog buddy Crystal over at Ms. Jones' Junction is hosting a fabulous giveaway for reaching over 100 followers! I really want to win so I can be the proud owner of a second laminator! I contributed to the giveaway too, so hop....or should I say mosey on over there and enter to win! You have several opportunities to get your name in the drawing! 

Good Luck & Be Blessed!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Just Another Sunday In the South....:)

Did you hear that? That was the sound of me sighing! I can't believe this weekend is almost over! It has been a busy one! After school Friday night was my Kota's opening football season jamboree! Lots of fun....and we won 61-0! (I was rooting for the other team the last half of the game....I hate to see anyone lose with no score on the board) Anywho, it was a loooooong day since I was in town from 7 AM until about 10:30 PM! We live in the country so we usually don't drive all the way home if we have anything going on in the evenings. We usually go to my mother-in-law's house for dinner and hang out there until time for the game or whatever is keeping us in town. Here's a couple of pictures from the game. 
My son is # 50...:) I love this one of him between his two best friends as well as another one of his lifelong friends. makes me smile! The other one is him listening to his coach praise them for a job well done after the game. This is one of my favorites things about his games. No....not the praise, but listening to the whole team recite the Lord's Prayer together after the game (win or lose) and then celebrate with their own little chant! They are an amazing group of teens......I'm going to miss this next year! Insert tears & sniffles here.....

I didn't even get to sleep in Saturday morning because I had a training to attend. No, it wasn't mandatory, I wanted to go. It was with Renaissance Learning on the new Accelerated Reader and STAR programs. It was an excellent training and very informative. I'm glad I went....the trainer, LaDonna Hauser from North Carolina, was awesome! After the training, I came home and cleaned house! Fun!!!......NOT!!! had to be done!

Fast forward to Sunday morning....I went to Sunday School and got a huge blessing from one of the sweetest ladies in my life! Oh, how I love my SS teacher...:) A quick trip to the grocery store after and then home to fix a quick lunch (chocolate chip pancakes...a request from my Kota), catch up on some laundry, and that leads me here! I am SUPPOSED to be writing lesson plans, but my blog was calling my name! So, I am updating since I haven't been on much recently and trying to catch up reading all my favorite blogs before I start lesson planning! I'm such a procrastinator! I'm also wondering if  Isaac is going to shut us down Tuesday....we're waiting to see! 
Anyway, I hope each of you enjoy what's left of your Sunday and.....

Be Blessed!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Before & After!

I was so happy to get somewhat caught up today after school! There has been something going on literally every day this week, from a training to meeting with the other 5th grade teachers to try to work out scheduling issues, yada, yada, yada! I know I'm preaching to the choir though because you know exactly what I'm talking about! Anyway, I took a couple before and after pictures to share. Funny how quickly things start changing when the kiddos arrive isn't it? Here's the area I do most of my teaching from. You can see that it looks a little different that it did pre-kiddos! You can see my Home Depot nail apron pocket chart hanging on the right side of the board. I have clinic passes in it now and will find other things to store there as the year goes on. I don't know about you, but I have to move things around and tweak everything until I feel like it's working for me. I like everything to look good, but I also like things to flow smoothly and be student friendly and not too perfect! 

Here's another before and after shot. Again, I have moved things around a little and am still in the process of tweaking this area. I did want to point out the Scientific Method on the cabinet doors in the after picture. These were courtesy of  Kristen over at Ladybug's Teacher Files. Aren't they adorable....and they're free if you want to snag them too! I just love them...:) Thanks're a sweetie! We've been learning about the scientific method this week and will be using it all year long! I finally got a chance to put it up after school today! I made little arrows to put beside each step, pointing to the next step, and also little conversation bubbles at the end. What do you think?


 This isn't all I have been teaching of course! 
We have been learning how to use our interactive science notebooks and today we started learning about nonfiction text features! 
Having a great week so far.....hope you are too! So....what have you been teaching this week?

Be Blessed!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

So....I'm Back, and I Have a Winner!!!

Hello all my bloggy friends! Let me start by saying I am so sorry I have been MIA for over a week, but life has been C...R...A...Z...Y lately! 

Last week was my first week back to work and as you know (if you follow me) I am at a new school this year and in a new grade level! I had a great first week, but it was BUSY! On top of being super busy, I didn't have a computer for about a week! On top of that, my printer at school wasn't installed on my new laptop and I couldn't get mine at home to install on it either so I have been having to use the guidance computer to print off things I needed for this week. I am still having trouble with printers but hopefully that problem will be fixed soon! I didn't even have time over the weekend to blog since I had to take my son school clothes shopping Saturday and my daughter came home for a visit Sunday. I also had to get last minute things done Sunday evening for Monday! Anywho, sorry to bore you, but that's been my life lately!
 Hopefully I'm back in action!!! 

So...I also have a winner! I didn't forget, I just haven't had a chance since I got a laptop back to post it! The lucky winner is.....Joni from Kinder Kids Fun! Congratulations Joni....I sent you an e-mail!
 I look forward to hearing from you.....:), yesterday was my first day with my 5th graders and it was an awesome day! The kiddos were really sweet and we had a super duper first day! Today was day 2 and overall, today was good. A few of them came out of their shells today and were a little too chatty, but overall it was a great day! Today we practiced thinking like scientists by doing a fun activity I found over the summer on ProTeacher called Save Fred. Some of you may have heard of it or done this before. It was super fun and the kiddos loved it! Here is a link to check it out. You can google it to find different versions of the directions and flow chart that go along with the activity. Here's a picture of the first Fred to be rescued in my classroom today! I wish I could show you some of the kiddos trying to rescue Fred but I haven't gotten permission to put their pictures on my blog yet. I need to do that soon!

Before I go, wanted  to share one more picture. This is my favorite bulletin board in my classroom. It is my We Do poster I created on Vista Print. I printed my kiddos names in Word Art using just an outline and had them decorate them and cut them out to display around the poster. Isn't it adorable. I used the font Grobold that Tara from 4th Grade Frolics used for her student name activity. I have done these in the past, but not with this font. I love it!

Well, it's good to be back! I have so much catching up to do...:) Are you back in school or still on summer break? Leave me a comment and let me know! Thanks for dropping by!

Be blessed....:)

Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Made It & a Graduation!

Wow....I'm feeling so out of the loop lately! I was out of town all weekend and I have been without a computer for a few days so I am feeling like I have lost my lifeline! I borrowed my dad's laptop to post a quick Monday Made It. Be sure to l,ink up with Tara at 4th Grade Frolics and share what you made! Mine was pretty simple this week....I just finished a bunting I had started a couple of weeks ago. The triangles are cloth and the letters were made on MS Word and then laminated. I think it turned out super cute!

I had a glorious weekend celebrating the graduation of my daughter Miranda from Florida State University! We had a really fun party with her closest friends and family....I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend celebrating with her in Tallahassee. 

Today was my first day back at work....the students come back next Monday! I am so not ready, but I will way or another! Hopefully I can get my laptop back tomorrow and get caught up posting....I have lots to share...:) Until then......

Be Blessed!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

My 113 Follower Giveaway....Finally! & a Teacher Fashion Linky!

It's finally here! 
I am celebrating reaching 100 113 Followers! I finally got everything figured out and here it is!

 I would like to thank each and every one of my followers! Your sweet comments just make my day! 
I  never dreamed I would reach 100 followers so fast.....this blog thing is addictive! I would also like to thank my awesome blog friend Crystal from Ms. Jones' Junction for donating the $10 Teacher's Notebook gift certificate and an item from her awesome TN store! Be sure to show her some love....:) You will be drooling over her adorable classroom theme if you haven't already seen it!

One more thing before I go! I am linking up with Jessica from From Blood to Books! for her 
Teacher's Fashion Linky! Check it out!

So....Here are the guidelines...

1. Tell me your favorite store(s) that you like to get your "teacher's fashion".
2. What are some of your favorite accessories?
3. What type of shoes do you teach in? (i.e. heels, flats, wedges, etc.)
4. Do you have a "go-to" item in your closet? (i.e. sweater you wear weekly, shoes you wear daily, etc.)
5. Have you ever had a fashion "uh-oh" at school? (i.e. heel broke, button popped off of blouse)

Here you go!

Favorite Stores: 
I don't have one particular favorite. I do love Cato's & 
JC Penney's,  but I love a good thrift store find too! I rarely pay full price for anything! Here are a couple of cute tops I got at Penney's last weekend and 3 I got from Goodwill a few weeks ago.

Favorite Accessories:
I puffy heart love scarves! They are my favorite! I also love cute necklaces and pretty slides! Here is a picture of my newest scarf that I got from Old Navy last weekend and also my necklaces on the necklace holder I made myself! I love bracelets, but don't wear them because they never fit me correctly!

Shoes I Teach In:
I tend to wear flats and sandals to teach in but I do occasionally wear wedges. I love shoes but have wide feet so I have a hard time finding cute shoes to fit! I guess in a way, that's a good thing. I would have a second closet just for shoes if I could fit anything! Here is a pair of new Mootsie Tootsies I bought at Goodwill for just a few dollars. They are so comfy! I am sure I will wear these a lot this year!

My Go-To Item:
I definitely had a go-to item last year in my high school classroom! It was always freezing and I couldn't adjust the AC so I just kept my denim jacket with me all the time. It's really cute and made by Christiana Zimm...I got it at TJ Maxx last fall! I love it..:)

Uh-Oh at School!:
I honestly can't think of anything that has ever happened to me at school, however I have mended many a flip-flop for my students through the years! 

Well, that was fun! I am hoping to pick up a few new things in Tallahassee this weekend! I am really wanting some dresses for this year! Be sure to enter my giveaway....good luck!

 Be Blessed!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Classroom Transformation.....Day 2!, this is how I feel this evening! 
I am bone tired.....but, my classroom is approximately 90% complete! Can I get a Woo! Hoo! 
I am really pleased with how it is looking....bright and cheerful but not too busy! All I have left to do is get some things laminated and put up and finish sorting some science supplies. I inherited a ton of "stuff" that needed to be sorted out and organized. I am not complaining though....most of it was brand new! I can't think of any science supplies that I am in need of! So, here's the tour! I will update next week when I get it completely done, but I couldn't wait to show you the progress so far...:)

This first one shows the valance I sewed myself and also a bookshelf that I still need to add books to. They are all science related nonfiction books. I ran out of room in the truck this morning so they will have to go Monday! 

Next up is my Stellar Scientists board. I still need to put the clothespins on the scrapbook paper. I will clip up some student work here. I have three blocks, so I thought I would pick 4 students each week and showcase one of their papers. I made the letters using MS Word!

Here is one of my walls of cabinets. I still need to make supply labels to put on the doors, but I'm still putting supplies away and am waiting until that job is done before I make labels! Hanging above the cabinets are two circular fans which are turned where you can't see them. On the counter are various student supplies and their Interactive Notebook bins. 

Next up is my Young Einsteins board. I will only put tests or quizzes on this board and they have to be 100%. I found this idea somewhere in blog land and can't remember where! I think it turned out really cute!

Here is a close-up of the letters. I made them in MS Word by using word art and inserting various science related pictures in the letters. I used a variety....cells, animals, DNA, etc. I also included a couple pics of the one with his tongue out!

Here is my little area of the room. I made the table skirt to match the valance and you can see my recovered desk chair behind it too! It is in the back of the classroom and I really won't use this much when the students are in class. I will however use it a lot in the mornings and afternoons to grade papers, prepare lessons, etc, I just realized you can see my pile of red stuff on the left I still need to take home. This was from my high school room!

Close-up of the top of my desk. See my new Florida State lanyard...yeah, I'm a proud mama! You can see my Teacher Keeper (notebook) there too!

This is a view of the side table....I still need to organize the things in the shelves and drawers. 

Here's the wall behind my desk It includes things and people I love! I bought the cute LOL, GTG, OMG, and XOXO stickers at the Dollar Tree. I loved the colors and just couldn't pass them up! You can see my teacher toolbox in this picture too. See the picture of me under the tree picture? Have you ever heard of Nick Collins? He played for the Green Bay Packers. Well, Nick is from my town....and went to my school! His daughter attends there too. Well, I got to meet Nick when I was Teacher of the Year at my old school. He was the guest speaker at the luncheon they had to honor us....:) I just had to get my picture with him! He has done wonderful things for our schools!

Anywho....sorry I got off topic! Here is another shot of the Stellar Scientist board and what will be my Sweet Rewards board. I still need to create and then laminate the header for it. I have 3 blocks, thus the 3 trays! I found these at the Dollar General for $2 each and thought they looked better than a cookie sheet since I am using decorated cupcakes to put on them. I'll just stick them on with a piece of tape on the back. The table underneath is not staying there. I am moving it to a front corner of the room when I finish going through all those boxes of supplies! The table will house the turn-in baskets for the 3 blocks, highlighters, and pencils.

This lateral file cabinet will be where Teddy Turtle's tank will sit. Teddy is my 7 year old red-eared slider. He is still at home, but I'll be taking him to school next week! To the left is a small table which holds my task card cabinet and a tub of clipboards underneath. 

Here are table caddies and trash cans for each group. They still need labels!

Here is the front of the room. See my cute bunting! I am making a couple more to hang in other areas of the room! The blue and green pocket charts will hold the bell schedule and the classroom block schedule. Above them are frames for my objective and for the Big Idea. The table holds my Elmo, projector, and printer. The little containers will hold clothespins with student names for each block and the fourth container will hold brain break sticks!

Here is the We Do.... banner I made on Vista Print. I am going to have the students write their names in bubble letters on the back of my old business cards, color and decorate them to put around the banner.

I'm linking up with Jaime over at Bright Concepts 4 Teachers for her

Be sure to hop on over and link up with your bulletin board pictures!


Whew! That was a loooong post! Before I go, I wanted to show you a picture of my handsome Dakota and a couple of his football buddies! Dakota is in red....:) 
This was taken at football camp last night after supper. 
That was his last football camp...I can't believe my baby is a senior!!!

Adrian, Buddy, & Dakota
This is me in just a bit....:)

Be Blessed!