Saturday, October 13, 2012

I'm Beginning to Think a LOT about Christmas....

Don't ask me why....and I'm certainly not rushing it (although I do LOVE Christmas), but I have been thinking about Christmas a lot today! It started earlier when I was eating dinner at my mom and dad's house. I was talking to her and telling her I wanted to come up with something to give all my students this year. I always bought my firsties something....sometimes a Christmas book from Scholastic, sometimes a small toy. This year though, I have over 60 kiddos! I am trying to think of something inexpensive, simple, & cute that I can make or put together. I found some cute ideas on Pinterest......but none of them are quite what I'm looking for! Any ideas? 

So.....anywho, after a delicious bowl of chili, I came home and found this awesome deal for a free Elf On the Shelf and the book for the first 5,000 teachers who enter! It is from this site.....The North Pole Playground. I rushed right over there and joined up so I could enter! Too cool....I hope I get one...:) Do 5th graders still believe in Santa? It's been a while since I had a 5th grader of my own!

This is a pretty cool site....go check it out, join, and enter to receive your own Elf! 

I was also trying to think of a way to incorporate science with Christmas and I came across some awesome ideas! I will definitely be doing the Christmas Chromatography (see pic below) activity with my kiddos, as well as the Case of the Christmas Cookie! They will love it....and so will I! I'm hoping to think of a small gift that is Christmasy (is that even a real word?)....and scientific! 

Christmas Chromatography!

And....since I am on the topic of Christmas......don't you just love these commercials?

And these movies?

Christmas is going to be here before we know it folks! What are you planning for your kiddos.....or for your families? Please share your ideas...:)

Be Blessed!


  1. It's a little to early for me to start thinking about Christmas but thanks so much for telling about Elf of the Shelf freebie and idea center. Of course I went right over and signed up. I hope I am in the 5,000 they give away!


    1. I truly don't know why Christmas was on my mind....I love the fall and Thanksgiving and hate to rush it! Thanks for the shout out on your blog...:) I appreciate it!

  2. Hi Vicky,
    Christmas is my favorite time of the year!!! I even start playing my Christmas carols/music really early-I'm talking October! I usually do a gingerbread unit, and I decorate my classroom with a gingerbread lighted village and decorate my door like a gingerbread house. We read all of the gingerbread men books and compare and contrast them. We do a Christmas Around the World unit too. For their Christmas gift they get a book from Scholastic and I get the gingerbread boxes from Oriental Trading Company and put gingerbread treats in the box. We also do the Polar Express and have a Christmas party. Yes, I am a gingerbread fanatic. Thanks for the heads up on the Elf on the Shelf giveaway-I have registered and I hope I get one.
    P.S. You have been Boo-ed, so stop by my blog and link up and join the party!!
    Ms. Jones’ Junction

  3. Aaaawww....thanks for Boo-ing me Crystal! I was hoping someone would! I will stop by as soon as I have a few minutes (not sure when that will!). I am a gingerbread nut too! I won the door decorating contest my first year when I was in 3rd grade. It was too cute! I always did a candy/sweet themed tree in my classroom! At home, my kitchen and dining room are decorated in gingerbread and sweets! I will share pics when I decorate....which is usually Thanksgiving break! Gingerbread boys and girls are just so adorable to me! We have so much in common...:) Have a great week!



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