Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Happy to Be Back!

Hi everyone! Long time since I posted....sorry about that! I'm back and hoping to try to keep up better this time. Life got crazy, busy in the spring and I have had a busy summer so far too, but I am back and happy to be here! Lots has changed since I last posted! I am changing grade levels and schools again. It is a good change though since I will be returning to my "home" school.  Anywho,  I have been busy thinking about how to decorate my new room! While I was on vacation last week, I was stuck inside the hotel room due to really bad weather, so I decided to visit fabric.com on my Kindle to see what I could find. Well, I was browsing through some collections and came across this adorable fabric and instantly fell in love! It is called Simply Sweet Alpha by Riley Blake. I think the name fits....how about you?

I also picked out a few other Riley Blake fabrics to coordinate with it. Here they are...

I love them all...:) 
So, I decided to order all of them to use for valances, buntings, and to recover a magnet board and a chair seat for my reading corner. They were all delivered yesterday and I love them even more in person!
Here they are all together!

I plan to cut the navy zig zag out of the chevron fabric when I use it which should work out well with what I have planned! I can't wait to get started sewing! I love the fact that these fabrics have virtually every color I love in them. Should be easy to tie everything together in my room. I am looking for some cupcake liners that coordinate with them as well for a special little project that I hope to share on Monday Made It soon!

I've also been doing a little shopping. While I was on vacation, I went to a few thrift stores as well as a store called Ollie's where I found some great deals on books! I also found a brand new pack of number flash cards. Just look at this stack.....

Yesterday I had to run over to Gainesville to the Dr and while I was there, I just had to stop by Target. They didn't have too much, but I did manage to find a few things to put in my cart!
Only two small pocket charts, but hopefully they will get some more in. I also bought one of the border storage pocket charts which I plan to use as a regular pocket chart.

I bought some stickers and file folders.

I bought a couple sets of these play dough cutters and tools and a couple little squishy caterpillars.

I also bought 8 sets of flash cards since they were really nice ones and only $1 per set!

And, I bought these cute magnets because I loved the arrow shape!

I also ran into the Dollar Tree a while back and found these letter sets and cute crayon border.

I am trying to get back in primary mode! It's coming easily though since I have spent more years in the lower grades that anywhere else! I'm really anxious to collect all my personal belongings from the school I'm leaving and take it over to my new classroom so I can check it out and take stock of what's there. I also want to map out a floor plan and need to see the room to do that. I already know what all of the kinder rooms look like, but I don't know which room I will be in, so I can't really plan yet. It's all good though and I am NOT going to get stressed about anything!

So...it's good to be back! I look forward to reconnecting with you guys! Remember.....if you know of any great kinder and even first grade blogs, please let me know! Thanks so much...:)

Until next time.....

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  1. I've been thinking of you Vicky! I'm glad all is well (just busy!). I absolutely love your fabric choices, so beautiful together, as you always do. Happy Summer!


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