Friday, December 14, 2012

Sandy Hook, Secret Santa, & Scoot

I'm sure all of you are feeling the same way I am tonight....full of sorrow for the lives lost this morning at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut. I didn't hear about it until just after I sent all my kiddos off after school. Heart wrenching.....:( I am so sad for the families of the children and the staff members, but also for the school "family" they lost 26 members of their family today. I can't imagine how life goes on after such a tragedy. Each person affected by this senseless act is in my thoughts and prayers. May God provide the peace and comfort they need.

Anyway, I had a really good day up until that point....

Secret Santa started today and I got the pun! A gingerbread house kit! I can't wait to make it...:) I love Secret is so fun picking out special little gifts for someone and also to get special little gifts every day for 5 days! My kiddos were so excited when Mr. Johnny (one of our custodians) delivered the package to me. They couldn't wait for me to open it! Isn't it adorable..:) I will post pics when I finish it!

I also had this sweet surprise in my mailbox today! One of our school board members always gives ever employee (admin, teachers, aides, lunchroom staff, custodians, and bus drivers) in the district a small gift....this was a nice metal tin full of yummy chocolates! 

 I know why it's called a sampled now! As you can see, I sampled several pieces! LOL!

After work, I had to run to Wal Mart and pick up some quick foods for my hubby and son to have over the weekend while I'm gone to Tallahassee to visit my daughter Miranda! While I was there, I spotted a pack of these.....

I have been looking for some so I can make some of these.....

Aren't they just adorable? I saw them on Pinterest! I'm hoping to find some things to put in them this weekend at one of my favorite stores..... finish up this post, my kids got to play SCOOT today. Mine really love it and it gets them up and moving! You can find the document and directions to play here. You can use it in so many we used it to review physical science vocabulary. I typed up the definitions and placed one on each desk and the kids had to write the words for each definition in the boxes. Sometimes I type up questions....either multiple choice or true/false and they write the answer in the box. Have you ever done this with your class? If so, please share how you use it...:) 

Well, I better head to's 11:30 and I need to be up around 6 in the morning! 
Count your blessings tonight and please remember Sandy Hook students and workers in your thoughts and prayers! 

Be Blessed,

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