Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Snowflakes for Sandy Hook & A Fun Linky Party!

Today when I was looking for some snowflake patterns for my kiddos, I stumbled across something awesome! Sandy Point PTA is asking students across the country to make and send in snowflakes....the more unique the better! They are trying to create a winter wonderland with as many snowflakes as they can collect to welcome the students to their new school after the break. You can read more about it here and get the address to send them in. We are doing this in my class and I will send them in over the break. It is the least we can do, and it is an awesome RACK for my kiddos to be involved in! I have been wondering how we could help and this is perfect...:) There are lots of different snowflake patterns on the web, so if you are still in school, please take the time to join this worth cause!

Last night when I was blog hopping, I stumbled upon this fun linky party while visiting Mrs. Hacker at Just a Primary Girl.....and just had to link up! Christina from Bunting, Books, & Bainbridge is hosting it....go check it out for yourself! Oh....and please pay a visit to Mrs. Hacker! Share the love...:)

Well, I have quite the story for this one! Several years ago....maybe even the first year I taught first grade, one of my sweet kiddos brought in something they thought was really cool to show me and their classmates. The special surprise was................ready for it...................a dead ground mole in a plastic baggie!!! Eeeewww......I know! Well, it was the last day before Christmas break and you all know how crazy, busy that day is, and we forgot all about it! I never gave it another thought. Fast forward two weeks.....I come back from break....we always come back a day before the kids....and I don't notice anything strange or different at all! That is, until I was cleaning out the student desks so I could rearrange the seating for the new year! Needless to say, I reached in to swipe everything out of that desk and all of a sudden a horrible smell hit me in the face.....yeah, you know that smell! Rotting flesh is not a smell I care to be so up close and personal with! It was fine in the baggie until the juicy rodent was disturbed....I know, dis....gus....ting! I thought I would throw up! Well, I got it out of the classroom and scrubbed and sanitized that desk, but the smell lingered for a good two weeks!!! I will never forget it....and I make sure I keep any "surprises" my students bring in on my desk now! GROSS!

Be Blessed!


  1. EWWW!!!!

    The 3rd school I taught at was in the country, and one of my students brought in a pencil box with a bunch of baby mice in them. He wanted to show me, not thinking that he should have left them with their mama... He forgot about them that night, and thankfully they were still alive the next day for him to take back home. Still an ewww moment.

  2. Oh my gosh! That trumps my squid!

    Thanks for linking up and sharing your (gross!) story! :)

    *Bunting, Books, and Bainbridge*


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