Saturday, September 21, 2013

Saturday Snapshots...:)

I don't know about you, but I have been so swamped trying to keep up with everything at school this year. It is almost impossible! I barely have time to breathe it seems! I wanted to share just a few pix from the week though, so I'm linking up with Miss Nelson for Saturday Snapshots

Yesterday, I had my students draw themselves following a rule and breaking a rule. We have been talking about rules and why it is so important to follow them. I thought this would be a good activity for kinder. I asked them to try to write about their drawings too. Some of them did (although you really can't read 

This one drew such cute pictures of her raising her and her friends sitting nicely on the rug for following the rules and her standing on the table for breaking a!

I love this one....he wrote clean up for following the rules and hit a friend for breaking the rules.

This little sweetie just wrote about how she loves me...:) She is always bringing me things from home that she colors for me and they always say I luv Mrs. Vicky. So sweet...:) Looks like she was writing my name pyramid style too...LOL! Not too sure what the broken rule was.

I finally got two of my center rotation wheels made. The red and blue one is for reading centers, and the green and yellow is for imaginative play centers or fun centers as my kids call them. I still want to make one for math centers but I haven't started math centers yet. I still need to make headers for them too.

I placed them near my small group table so I can turn it at the end of each rotation.

I am also sharing the "book boxes" I made for my tables. These sturdy black cardboard boxes used to hold science materials with our National Geographic series. One of my team was throwing the boxes away and I rescued these boxes. I taped 4 together and voila...instant book boxes. A roll of duct tape was the only cost involved in making these. I am going to put the kids names on the sides of the boxes with velcro tabs soon. That way, I can move the name and leave the box since they are taped together.

Here is what they look like from the end. I think they are pretty nifty...especially for a freebie! I hope to share something more next week. 

So, today I had the best time with my family. My daughter, Miranda, came home to celebrate her birthday which is next week. We enjoyed our day together, along with my hubby, her boyfriend, my mom and dad, and my sister and her kids. My son already had plans to go to the Florida State game so he wasn't with us, but we still had a great day! Here are a few pix from the day!

So relaxing and so much fun! I was beyond ready for the weekend and so far it's been a great one...:)

Until next time, have a blessed Sunday and a wonderful new week!


  1. Love Love Love all of your pictures. Glad you had a nice time with the birthday girl. That salted caramel icecream looks so yummy. I also love the t chart on rules. Thanks for linking up.

  2. I MUST try this salted caramel ice cream....I bet it is heavenly! It looks like you had a fabulous time with family. I'm definitely diggin' your center rotation wheels, Vicky! Very creative!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  3. I love your idea of following rules and breaking one. There's nothing more Britton that salted caramel! I bet it's like peanut butter for the Americans!


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