Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Got Science?, the Silver Snail, & the big 99!

Well.....I just couldn't resist! This is really not teaching related, but like I said, I couldn't resist! 
Today after my Common Core training, my hubby and I headed up to Tallahassee (2 hours away from home) to take my daughter a new battery for her car. Hers died yesterday and she needed daddy to come to the rescue! So, anyway, we got there, picked her up from work, and went to her condo where the Silver Snail was patiently waiting for her new battery. Miranda named her the Silver Snail because she drives slower than most of her friends...:) Well, hubby replaced it and then we went to grab a bite to eat at Applebee's....I had a delicious quesadilla burger! 

Miranda & the Silver Snail! we're heading back to the condo, and when we stop at a red light, Miranda commented on the guy's hair in the car in front of us. She said his hair looked like this guy.....

Albert Einstein
I of course agreed! We were joking about the mad scientist look and then she notices the bumper sticker on his car! It's on the right side of the you see it? Yep, it says Got Science? I rushed to get my camera out of my purse and pass it to Miranda in the front seat because I knew I had my blog post for today! We had a good laugh over this! You may need to enlarge the pic to see the hair and the bumper sticker. ..:) Too funny....I wish I could have seen his face! He probably wondered why the girl in the car behind him was taking a picture of his car....LOL!

Got Science?
 Well, hopefully I didn't bore you to tears! I hope to have more pics of my classroom progress tomorrow. I worked in my room for a couple hours before my training, but didn't have time to snap pictures. I am working again tomorrow morning before training and hopefully I will remember before it's too late! I am ready to decorate!!! Soon.....very soon! Oh yeah....I almost forgot! I am up to 99 followers!!! This means I need to get a giveaway planned soon! Forgive me if it takes me a few days to get it all figured out....there is a lot going on right now with trying to get my room ready, prepare to teach a new grade level in a new (to me) school, and planning a graduation party for Miranda! I'll get it ready soon though! If anyone wants to contribute something from their TPT store, I would be grateful! Thanks so much for taking time to keep up with me! I so enjoy reading about your lives too!

Be Blessed...:)



  1. Hey Vicky,
    That is too funny!!
    Congrats on almost reaching 100 followers!
    I would love to contribute something from my TN store!! Glad to help a bloggy friend!!: )
    Congrats on almost reaching 100 followers!

  2. Does your daughter attend Florida State?! If so, GO NOLES!!!!! Class of 09 right here!


  3. Thanks so much Crystal...I'll be getting in touch soon! Eden....she sure does! I'm so proud of her!


  4. Thanks! How exciting...:) Blogging is very addicitive! I have to learn how to keep up with is after school starts back...:)



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