Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday Made It, Really Want It, & Gotta Win It!

My Monday Made It for today isn't too exciting, but I like how they turned out, so I'm sharing! I found the ideas while searching for something on google. They are posters for my classroom. Since I have 3 blocks, I just made them and am going to hang them after they're finished. We talked about non-fiction text features last week, so I made this poster to keep up in the room as a reminder. I still have to make copies of the various features to glue on the poster. The other poster is titled....What is a Scientist? A scientist is someone who.......I will have the kids brainstorm about scientists during each block and add the words they come up with and then it will hang in my room. That's all I have for this week....I can't wait to see what you made! Be sure to hop on over and link up with Tara at 4th Grade Frolics and share what you made! I had to go get some blood drawn after work today and my nephew had a dentist appointment so I just rode with him and my sister. I was absolutely awed by the beautiful salt water aquarium in his dentist's office. It was the most beautiful one I have ever seen! The colors of the fish and the corals and they way they sway gently back and forth in the soothing! I could watch it for hours! If they weren't so costly to build and maintain, I would have to have one! Maybe when I retire one day....:) Here are a couple of pictures I took!

And now.....drum roll, please! I am thrilled to announce my blog buddy Crystal over at Ms. Jones' Junction is hosting a fabulous giveaway for reaching over 100 followers! I really want to win so I can be the proud owner of a second laminator! I contributed to the giveaway too, so hop....or should I say mosey on over there and enter to win! You have several opportunities to get your name in the drawing! 

Good Luck & Be Blessed!


  1. What a pretty tank! Love your posters :) I'm a new follower- stop by sometime!

    The Learning Tree

  2. Happy Monday Made It and thanks for sharing your ideas! I love the idea of having the students come up with and construct their own knowledge and expectations of what a scientist, reader, writer and historian look like and do! I am your newest follower and would love for you to come check out my blog.

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  3. I love those giant fish tanks too! Loren's dentist has one too...might be the same dentist. Your posters look awesome! :)

  4. Your posters are awesome! I am your newest follower. Stop by sometime!
    Fun in 1st Grade


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