Sunday, August 26, 2012

Just Another Sunday In the South....:)

Did you hear that? That was the sound of me sighing! I can't believe this weekend is almost over! It has been a busy one! After school Friday night was my Kota's opening football season jamboree! Lots of fun....and we won 61-0! (I was rooting for the other team the last half of the game....I hate to see anyone lose with no score on the board) Anywho, it was a loooooong day since I was in town from 7 AM until about 10:30 PM! We live in the country so we usually don't drive all the way home if we have anything going on in the evenings. We usually go to my mother-in-law's house for dinner and hang out there until time for the game or whatever is keeping us in town. Here's a couple of pictures from the game. 
My son is # 50...:) I love this one of him between his two best friends as well as another one of his lifelong friends. makes me smile! The other one is him listening to his coach praise them for a job well done after the game. This is one of my favorites things about his games. No....not the praise, but listening to the whole team recite the Lord's Prayer together after the game (win or lose) and then celebrate with their own little chant! They are an amazing group of teens......I'm going to miss this next year! Insert tears & sniffles here.....

I didn't even get to sleep in Saturday morning because I had a training to attend. No, it wasn't mandatory, I wanted to go. It was with Renaissance Learning on the new Accelerated Reader and STAR programs. It was an excellent training and very informative. I'm glad I went....the trainer, LaDonna Hauser from North Carolina, was awesome! After the training, I came home and cleaned house! Fun!!!......NOT!!! had to be done!

Fast forward to Sunday morning....I went to Sunday School and got a huge blessing from one of the sweetest ladies in my life! Oh, how I love my SS teacher...:) A quick trip to the grocery store after and then home to fix a quick lunch (chocolate chip pancakes...a request from my Kota), catch up on some laundry, and that leads me here! I am SUPPOSED to be writing lesson plans, but my blog was calling my name! So, I am updating since I haven't been on much recently and trying to catch up reading all my favorite blogs before I start lesson planning! I'm such a procrastinator! I'm also wondering if  Isaac is going to shut us down Tuesday....we're waiting to see! 
Anyway, I hope each of you enjoy what's left of your Sunday and.....

Be Blessed!

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