Friday, August 16, 2013

Classroom Reveal.....Finally!

Hi everyone! I am happy to report that I can finally share my kindergarten classroom. It is 95% complete, so that's good enough! Several of you wanted to see it so, here you go!

Here is the whiteboard in the front of my room. The big blue pocket charts are from Lakeshore and will be used during calendar and math time. My room is very small so I have nowhere else to put the pocket charts. I hate not to use them because they are so costly, but I may end up taking down the Circle Time one and just using the components in small groups. The little colorful Target pocket charts under the ledge will be used for my word wall.

Another view with one of the fabric buntings I made above the screen. Excuse the phone on the floor....I hadn't hooked it up yet.

This is my clip chart behavior system that I got from A Cupcake for the Teacher. I used this system when I taught first grade and loved it! The students will have a clothespin with their name on it and will all begin each day with their clip on Ready to Learn. They can move up or down on the chart depending on their behavior. I am also using her Hall of Fame idea. If the students move all the way to the top, they get a special jewel on their clip and when they have earned 5 jewels, they will move their clip to the hall of fame and receive a new clip. I am also implementing the Sweet Rewards idea I used last year to reward the whole class. If nobody moves down each day, the students will earn a cupcake to place on the tray. When they have earned 12 cupcakes, I will bake them cupcakes to reward them for their great behavior...thus the name Sweet Rewards.


Here is a close up view of the book jacket banner and cupcake liner twinkle lights I made hanging in my windows.

Here are a few puppets that will be used when we are learning how to read...:)

This is my birthday board. All the students names and birthdays will be placed on the cupcakes soon! I made this banner last year. The fabric has sprinkles on it...:)

This is my Helper of the Day area. The students names will be written on the birds and when it is their day to be the helper, their bird will leave the nest and "fly" up to the limb above. 

After their turn is over, the bird will move to the green pocket chart next to it.

Not sure what I will use the small bulletin board for, but it's ready to go!  And , here's another bunting!

This area still needs a lot of work. Student work will be displayed in the polka dot area. I will be adding a few things to this wall. The two tables on this wall will be used during center time.

Here's a photo I took today after I put the Awesome Work header up. 

Here is the rainbow I made for my dolch word display. Student names will be written on the clouds and each time they master a color level, they will earn a raindrop of the same color under their cloud...:) I still need to put a header up!

I love the glitter on the rainbow!

I was tickled earlier this week when the local Rotary Club brought us all teacher goodie bags! 

Here are all the germ busting products and school supplies that were in the bag!

They even included these sweet signs to place in the restroom after we teach the kinders the importance of hand washing.

Here are the sweet little treat bags I gave my sweet students came for Meet Your Teacher yesterday! I got these adorable labels from Emily at I Love My Classroom. They were a big hit with the kiddos!

Here is the view from the hall door. The area in the corner is my office and storage area. Unfortunately this room doesn't have a closet.

Here is the view from my outside door. The door in the far left corner is the bathroom.

This is the cubby area at the entrance to the room. The grey cubbies are for backpacks and the black ones are their mailboxes. I have two more grey cubby carts to the left in this photo. If I have more than 18 students I have the green and red crates to use for cubbies as well.

Here's a close-up of the top of the mailboxes.

A different view of the front of the room. I still have to organize the black cart in the corner. I am hoping to get rid of that big tv! That corner will be tweaked some more. I am still trying to find the perfect spot for everything in this small room!

My library area and reading instruction area and easel. 

The black shelf in the background holds some of the Journey's reading materials. There is so much with this series! I don't know where to house it all. I'm also getting brand new math curriculum that I have to find a home for. The black crate under the chair is my toy jail. I have to find a home for it!

I still have to sort through books and place them in baskets according to the reading level, author, picture books, etc. Hoping to work on that next week. Out kindergarten stagger starts and we don't have any students Monday since it is an early release day. I will have 3-5 students per day the rest of the week, so I should have some time to work on it after they leave each day. You can see a little of my cute rug I bought at Sam's Club in this photo! I have a Reading Takes You Places theme in the library with the map rug and globes.

This is my D.O.T. folder....the kiddos will take this home each night. I put a mustache over the student name on this one for confidentiality. I created it on MS Word. I am dying to purchase some backgrounds and graphics to start making some cute stuff like most of you already do! I already spend enough time on my laptop and am afraid I might get addicted!

This is the area outside my door to welcome the kids. Again, I have blacked out last names...:)

Here's my messy desk. Sorry I didn't clean it up more, but I was just ready to go home and didn't get to it!

This is to the right of my desk. The bulletin board I made as well as the pocket chart. My printer is on a cart below the bulletin board.

 I made the pocket chart last year to hold a variety of things. You'll never guess what it's made with!

Home Depot nail aprons!!! They are less that $1 each and made from very sturdy canvas. Only problem is the logo on the front as you can see below. I simply made labels to put over mine, but you could also sew patches on it or hot glue something over it. It would be great in a craft room or home office as well...:)

This is the counter and cabinets behind my desk. There's a sink to the right of the pencil sharpener. 

Here's the other half of my bulletin board that's divided into 2 parts. I showed the birthday board earlier in the post, and the other half will be used for my rules. I am planning to use Whole Brain this year! I just love the crayon border I bought at the Dollar Tree...too cute! I layers it with a yellow and white stripe. This is my only large bulletin board and is to the right over the cubbies when you enter the hall door.

Here's a closer look at the lettering. I made it using MS Word Art. The letters match the fabrics that my curtains were made with. This idea just popped in my head the other night, so I tried it and love how they turned out! I ordered my fabric online so I was able to save the sample photos and insert them into the lettering using Word Art.

Here's the fabric. I also added a yellow polka dot to the mix above like I used on my bulletin board near my desk. 

I have tables instead of desks. I found these adhesive name plates to use this year. I hope they hold up well!

Well, I hope you enjoyed your tour of my little room! I will share again after we have "lived" in it for a while! I love to display student work and artwork and hope to have lots of cute things to hang up soon! Have a blessed weekend....I am happy it's here! I desperately need some rest!

Until next time.....



  1. Vicky, your room looks AMAZING! I LOVE everything about it. Everything you made throughout the summer tied in nicely in your room. I got so excited when I got to a picture and recognized something! You've been working hard and it shows!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. Hi Vicky,
    I love, love, love your room!! Your littles are so very lucky to have such a creative teacher like you!! Everything came together so beautifully like I knew that it would. I hope you have a fabulous year with your kinder kids!!
    I have purchased so many graphics that I had to buy me a 500gb portable drive. It is very addictive especially when they put them on sale! lol.
    Ms. Jones’ Junction

  3. Hey Vicky!
    I just don't know where to even begin- I love SO many things about your classroom! From your seriously adorable buntings to your amazing fabrics and bulletin boards! WOW! You did an amazing jobs and those students are going to be so lucky to have you! I really love your BIrthday board! What cute colors and that banner is phenomenal! Also- I am in LOVE with that book jacket bunting. That is such a great idea!! I also am pretty jealous of your colored paper sorting box… I need one of those so desperately! I love it!! Thank you so much for sharing!
    Just Keep Teaching


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