Friday, August 2, 2013

Goodies Galore!!!

Hi everyone! Hope you are having a fabulous Friday! I sure did...:) I went shopping this morning and my sweet mom rode with me. Bless her heart....I drug her through Michael's and The Learning Path...neither of which she enjoys. She's a good sport though! Before I show you what I bought, I wanted to share the cutest book I bought at a thrift store the other day for my class library. I'll use it during Dental Health month. It was in perfect condition and is so adorable!

Next up are the items I bought at The Learning Path....the closest teacher store to my home! They carry lots of things and I always leave with a few items! First, I found some bright and fun borders. I needed some new ones. I really wanted the red and turquoise chevron but of course they are sold everyone else! Oh well....there's always next year! I love the sunny yellow stripe and this cute little bird border!

I bought the coordinating bird cut-outs to use for something. Not sure what yet, but aren't they adorable?

I love the fun , bright colors!

I also bought name plates. These are self adhesive...I hope they work!

And, perhaps the most needed item I bought was two new rolls of Mavalus tape. This stuff is the bomb.....sticks when nothing else will and will restick several times. Best thing is, it doesn't leave sticky residue!

I ran by Sam's Club to pick up laminating sheets and walked out with a new set of grading pens and a new classroom rug. No picture of the rug yet because it is in my vehicle rolled up. I'll take pix next week in my classroom!

At Michael's, I found a few things on my list. First up were these cupcake liners. I need them for a sweet little project which I hope to share soon.

This little container is for a cute little idea for positive behavior management I found recently. If you want to know here!

I got these letters for another sweet project that I will hopefully share for Made It Monday!

This doily will live somewhere on my desk.

I found several scrapbook papers for yet another sweet project! Stay tuned...:)


At Target, I found this dry erase board in the $ spot.

I also found three more pocket charts! I was so excited to find the aqua blue one today...only one though! I bought two red a couple weeks ago, so I was happy to find these colors today!

I bought these two little chalkboard label pails to store something in!

When I arrived home, my World Market order was here waiting one me...:) I had a $10 off $30 coupon I didn't want to expire so I placed an order earlier this week. These things are for my classroom. 

These adorable bicycle clips had to be mine. I am planning to put magnets on the back and use them on my whiteboard.

The little notepad also jumped in my cart...too cute! I can use this for faculty meetings!

And this tea towel will be getting a transformation...soon!

Now, I did purchase a couple things that are not for school. First up, these beautiful earrings for my Seminole daughter Miranda. She's an FSU grad and will love wearing these to Doak Campbell Stadium for the games this fall! I hope I can go watch one with her...:)

And last but not least is this little new popcorn bowl! I love popcorn and I love words so this is perfect for my kitchen! I love the bright red too...:)

Also love the bottom of the bowl....:)

So....what have you been buying.....or making for your classrooms? I can finally get in mine Monday and will be there bright and early!!! I can't wait to see yours!

Thanks for stopping by and as blessed!


  1. too cute ... love all of your purchases. The colors are great.

  2. Boy did you do some shopping!! That book looks adorable. I love how the papers, baking cups, and trimmers all coordinate. Teachers are so fanatical about I can't wait to see your room!!
    Ms. Jones’ Junction

  3. I found 3 of the teal pocket charts at Target and was THRILLED! All I see at the teacher stores are blue and red, which don't match my theme, lol! :) I just ordered more laminating pouches on Amazon today and got a little excited. It's the little things, lol.

    Teach On.


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