Sunday, August 25, 2013

Saturday Snapshots that Made Me Smile!

Well, tomorrow's the day....the day I start with ALL my kiddos! This past week, I only had 4-6 per day for screening. I am more than a little nervous, but I am sure I will survive! I wanted to share just a couple things than made me smile this past week...:) I'm linking up for the first time ever for.....

I love Miss Nelson's blog....and her classroom makes me smile!

First up is the name mosaics I had my kiddos make. They did such a great job overall. I had a couple who just couldn't keep focused on it long enough to get it done. They look so nice hanging in the room....I love student work displayed! 

This one was taken earlier in the week....there are two lines filled now!

I also wanted to share the pretty little rose one of my little sweeties brought me. This was on Friday after it had opened up, but it is still sweet. The sight of my hubby and kiddos in the background make me smile too!

Last up is my adorable little grand dog....Sadie!
My son is bringing her home as soon as she is weaned from her mom. Isn't she precious? 

Look at those little wrinkles...:)


Here she is with her daddy...:) Yes, my son has a Mohawk.....crazy kid! I actually like it on him though...:)

Well, I have some tacos to cook. My daughter is home from Tallahassee for the weekend and  we both love Mexican food, so we are going to satisfy our craving! Hope each of you have a fantastic week!



  1. awww Sadie is precious and I LOVE your names

  2. Vicky, I really like the name mosaics. They really are bright and cheery. How sweet is Sadie! Have a great week with ALL your babies!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'


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