Sunday, July 29, 2012

Another Lazy Southern Sunday.....& Another Fabulous Giveaway

Hey y'all! Ok....I couldn't resist, it's a southern thang thing! 
Yeah.....I'm a GRITS (girl raised in the south)! 
Insert big grin here! 
I did live in California and Washington as a teen for a few years too though! Hope everyone is having a restful Sunday.....I know I am. Not too much teachery related today except for a shout-out for an AWESOME giveaway that I will tell y'all about at the end! I am happy to report that my son who has been on a mission trip made it home safe and sound yesterday. I am watching him snooze on the couch as I type this. It is a rainy afternoon.....perfect for catching some Zzzzz's....and he is taking full advantage of it! You can see him and read a little about his mission trip here. I had a wonderful time in my Sunday School class this morning and then came home and we grilled hamburgers and had my mom and dad over to eat with us. Now, we are just lazing around and enjoying the slow pace that Southern Sunday's bring! I am trying to rest up before I hit the ground running tomorrow morning! I have to go for the oh so exciting mammogram tomorrow....oh JOY! I know some of you can relate...;) I like to call it the boobie trap! That's what it feels! Anywho....I will be spending the day in Gainesville tomorrow and then the rest of the week, I will either be working in my classroom or attending trainings! I'm excited and ready, but I am getting a little overwhelmed! I only have this week and next before I officially go back to work and I have so much to do! I know I'm preaching to the choir! We all have so much to do....more than humanly possible, but we're teachers and we get it done, right? I have three Dr appointments, two days of training, and I have to get my room ready and then on top of it all, I have a graduation party to plan for my daughter Miranda who is graduating from FSU on the 11th! I'm not complaining though....I am excited and so very proud of her! My kids are my heart...:) Speaking of things I need to do, I have a little project I hope to share on Monday Made It has to do with the Home Depot nail aprons I bought the other day....but they won't be chair pockets! Stay tuned to see what I do with them! I'll stop rambling and whining and tell y'all about an awesome giveaway that Michelle from Mrs. G's Kindergarten in Heels is having to celebrate having 50 followers! Are you ready for it??? She's giving away a $25 Amazon gift certificate!!! Who couldn't use that? I know I could....I <3 Amazon! Be sure to click on the link above and go enter!

And one more sweet southern tidbit before I go!

Y'all Be Blessed now....ya hear!.....:)


  1. I can't wait to see what you do with your aprons Vicky! You made me crave mac and cheese, you southern girl!

  2. LOL Kristen! My son is the mac and cheese nut at our house...but I enjoy it every now and then too! I'm hoping my apron project turns out as good as I think it will! We shall see...:)


  3. OH how I love your post! I'm a southern girl all the way,and have a picture frame with the first saying sitting in my living room :) Love ! Have a great...busy...week!

    First Grade Fairytales

  4. Thanks Kelly....:) Hope you have a great week too!



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