Thursday, July 12, 2012

BTS Shopping Haul & a Blog Award!!!

Imagine my surprise when I got home for a very successful shopping day and found out my blog had received an award!!! I was thrilled! Thank you so much Elise! Be sure to go check out her awesome blog  Hangin' Out In Third Grade
Here are the requirements for accepting the award:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you. 
Again, thank you Elise....:)

2.Include a link to their site.....see above!

3. Include the award image on your blog.....I'll be adding it to my sidebar too!

4. Include 7 random facts about yourself:

~I have been married to my dear hubby, Joey for close to 24 years and we have 2 precious children, Miranda, 22, my serious and sensitive daughter, who is about to graduate from Florida State University with a Bachelor’s in Social Science, and Dakota, 17, my football playing senior who enjoys life more than any other human being I have ever known. 
I am blessed…….:)

~I have never had pierced ears….I know, I know, I see the looks of disbelief and hear the gasps coming out of your mouths…she seriously has never had pierced ears, but the answer is nope, never!

~I don’t like peanut butter or coffee…..more gasps and looks of disbelief….lol!

~I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to shop at thrift stores, yard sales, and consignment shops and search for the perfect little gem to redo, upcycle, breathe new life into, etc. It is a passion...:)

~I am a class sponsor for the Class of 2013, my son’s graduating class. I’m excited about the senior trip planning meeting we are having tonight! Can’t wait to see where we’ll be cruising to next summer…..:)

~My favorite book from childhood was A Bargain for Frances by Russel Hoban You can see it here if you’ve never heard of it.

~I live on the property my grandparents bought oh so many years ago….next door to my sister and mama & daddy.....<3 <3 <3

5. Nominate 15 other blogs for the award....this was really hard! I wanted to nominate all of the ones I checked out!

6. When nominating, be sure to include a link to their site! See above...:)

7. Let other bloggers know they've been nominated.
 I'm leaving a comment on the most recent post on each of the 15 blogs!

So fun.....:)

I had a fun time doing some school shopping yesterday too! Check out all my loot!

This is what I got at Target....3 orange bins, a clear poly envelope and pencil bag for my plan book,  2 black buckets for pencils (sharp & not sharp), 10 packs of colored pencils, 3 tubes of glow sticks, 2 packs of science flash cards, 3 giant pink clothespins, a book , an owl flower pot which I will paint white and use for something in my craft room, a cute aqua, red, and turquoise card to frame for my craft room, a new hair clip, and an ice trap that makes little round cubes that I hope will fit in a water bottle! Oh...and 3 packs of flash cards for my nephew, Riley!

Ok, this is my 2 thrift store finds...:) I was so excited to get all this for just over $20. First, the $5 light blue Samsonite suitcase is for my daughter, Miranda's travel theme room. Isn't it gorgeous....Tiffany blue with a few flecks of glitter in it, and gold trim....makes me wonder if a young girl was the recipient of this beautiful luggage that was produced in the 1950's. I wonder where all it traveled too...:) Next is a stack of 4 large baskets, brand new for $10....haven't decided what I will be storing in them yet, but for $2.50 each, they were a steal!!! I also got a cute purse, I loved the fabric and it was like new! I might replace the handles on it with something else, but I haven't decided yet! I got the cute cream and orange bag for $ was brand new with tags too! It is really cute with sequins on the front, it will make a good school bag or beach bag. I got the two games for .25 cents each! The Route 66 game is brand new...never been played! I think I will take it to Tallahassee this weekend when we move Miranda into her new condo and we can play it one night! Last, but not least, are two vintage is a kitten, and one is a mouse. The colors were so pretty and they just made me smile, so for >50 cents each, they came home with me and will be matted and framed in white frames to hang in my craft room! I forgot to add one thing to the picture.....a giant encyclopedia of animals for .50 cent!

Next up is my Michael's haul! I got Miranda 2 travel themed photo boxes for just over $1 each! I also got a can of Krylon Global Blue paint for her chair that I am redoing. I got straws and cupcake liners for her graduation party too! I got 28 of the foam brushes.....normally .49 cents each for .07 cents each! I know we'll use these in 5th grade. I got 2 rolls of duct tape for pencil flags, a roll of washi tape......I have been wanting some for a while and it was on sale. Last, I got a cute little notepad to keep in my purse and two packs of the small sheets of scrapbook paper for my teacher toolbox I'm making...:)

This is what I got from The Learning local teacher store. I got the Dots on Turquoise calendar and numbers, 3 borders, some cut-out science decorations, large cupcakes for birthdays, and some cut-outs to label things with. Oh yeah....and 2 roles of Mavalus tape....if you've never used it, you should try it! It will hold anything and leaves no residue!

And here is the last picture! I took advantage of the Toys R Us sale on Crayola products, buy 1 get 2 free! Awesome deals.....I got 3 packs of construction paper, 6 packs of twistable crayons, and 6 packs of slim markers. The crayons and markers will be in my team tubs to be used for Interactive Science Notebooks. I hope you are finding some good deals this summer! I shop more in the summer than any other time....well, except for my thrift shopping. I do that every chance I get....:) 
Be blessed!



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