Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Creation Station....otherwise known as my craft room!

Today I  am featuring the space where I create "stuff"! It is my very own craft room...:) I had a vision for this space long before it came to fruition. Over my spring break, my dear hubby helped me create my space. This was my son's old room (he moved into my daughters room when she moved out) and it was painted a really bright blue, so it looks much different now! These aren't the best pics, but it is a small room and it's difficult......nearly impossible to get good shots! 
This one is taken from the door. The white shelf you see close up is not usually there, but I found it at a yard sale for $3.00 Saturday and I thought I would sit it there to put school projects and things on until I take them to my new classroom! I need to add some hot pink and orange to my bucket handle on top! BTW.....I didn't replace the floor, it's the floor we put in my son's room to help alleviate allergies....and he used to race go-karts so it just fit. I love the checkerboard with all my junk.....I mean stuff!
This is in a little corner directly in front of the door. It is an old record cabinet I found at a yard sale for $15.00! I fell in love with it and didn't have to do anything to it, although I am sure one day I will give it a cute little makeover! The box on top is my To Pay, To Do, To File box that I <3! I got the idea from Jody over at Pleasant Home a couple of years ago. I love it! On top of that are my S & P shakers full of different colors of glitter....idea courtesy of Pinterest.On the wall are another idea I got from Pinterest....shoe box lids covered in fabric to look like covered canvas!
Here is one of my shelves full of stuff....felt, fabric, papers, beads, etc. On top are my thrift store owl I painted white, my $1.00 Dollar General bowl that started out a clear green plastic. I loved the shape and look of it though and there's nothing a few coats of spray paint can't fix! Also on top is a cute, vintage plate my aunt gave me that was in a $2.00 box of junk she bought at an auction. I <3 it! 
This is my other shelf full of stuff! Yeah....I have a lot of stuff....:):):) This one holds paint, more scrapbook paper, old picture albums, glue, cards, and a few pretties....:) My favorite is the ballerina kitty my sweet daughter, Miranda gave me when she was little (she's 22 now and about to graduate with her Bachelor's in Social Science from Florida State University on August 11th). Another fave is the ladybug....my group of girlfriends love ladybugs (there's a story behind that ;)...lol). To the left is an old clock I bought at a local thrift store and redid....I <3 it!
This is my window with my little plant ledge hubby built for me...:) I made the curtain and there's that cool old clock again! The little cart under the window I bought at a thrift store for $2 or $3. I painted it red and love it now! On the wall above the tv is a picture frame dry erase calendar I made (another Pinterest idea.....imagine that!).
Here is one of my two desks (I am trading my daughter this desk on Friday when we move her into her brand spanking new condo. I am getting her glass top desk and putting it on two short bookcases...I can't wait!) On top are some pieces of milk glass I have bought at thrift stores, consignments shops, and yard sales for an average of  fifty cents each! The lamp is a DIY project I did recently with a yard sale lamp I had in my stash! Both of the chairs are DIY projects too...I already had the red one, and I gave $3 or $4 for the green one.....a little spray paint and fabric and voila! Behind the desk is the closet...full of lots more crap....er, I mean stuff! Oh....there's my cat Bashful on the floor....I just noticed!
A front view of the chair...:) On the floor are the trash can and a couple things I am waiting to hang when I get the glass top desk.
Here's the messy desk....sorry, I'm just keeping it real! I've had it for years...I bought it for $50 back when I worked for the postal service. It was an old mail sorting case. You can see a few of the dividers I left in. I just didn't need that many small compartments. One day I am going to redo the shelving, but that's a future project! On top are boxes of pictures and my recently repainted canisters. I still need to drag the Cricut out and label them!/ To the right is the white shelf by the door with my school things and to the left is one of my big white shelves.
Here is my tv stand, old sewing box my mother-in-law gave me years ago, and my wrapping paper basket. The tv stand was bought at the Goodwill for a few bucks....$5 I think! It's been a couple years. Under the tv is a jar of ribbon &my old soda shop straw dispenser (courtesy of my favorite aunt)  with silverware for some future jewelry projects.
Another messy area of the room is in front of the closet. These are projects I am currently or about to begin working on. The $2 chair is going to be all gussied up to take to my daughter to go with her new desk. There are several shelving projects....all yard sale & thrift store items that I am finding a home for. 
Here are part of the decorations for my daughter's graduation party next month! We are doing an Oh, the Place You'll Go theme....sort of! She loves to travel and we are decorating her new room in a vintage travel theme so she can use these things in her new room. The scrapbook paper and old atlas are for a bunting project and a mod-podge project. Check back in a few weeks for that!
NYC is her favorite city and I am making her a cool new shower curtain with this fabric....that's today's project with my dear mama...:)
This just makes me smile...:) I still need to paint the mirrored tray frame, but I <3 this! and last, but certainly not least.......
two of my kitties.....Cruella and Bashful! 
They dearly love to sit and gaze out the window, but neither of them are too fond of the great outdoors!
I hope you enjoyed the tour! I am proof that you can have a really cute crafty space for very little $$$! 
Be blessed...:)


  1. I love you....and so do Bashful and Cruella! They think you need to come home for a visit soon....:)

  2. This is so great, I dream of such a space one day. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Thanks for the sweet compliment Jill...:) I waited a long time for my space, but it was worth it!



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